Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello, my friend. Welcome to my blog.

For as long as I can remember, I love food. I would scour online for recommendations on where to get the best hokkien mee and sashimi. While friends would return from a holiday gushing about their latest bags and shoes, I would rattle on about German sausages and peking duck. My idea of a good date is one that would tantalize my tastebuds, and the last one had left me trigger-happy, having overindulged on truffles and saffron gnocchi.

But that is not the reason why I’ve created this blog. Well, not the main reason anyway.

I used to think I cannot bake. The thought of kneading dough or baking cookies from scratch seemed impossible. Sure, I enjoy watching cooking shows, reading food magazines and surfing food blogs. But to bake that cake? No way.

Then, I relocated to America and had more time on my hands to cook, coupled with the incentive that it is more economical to do so. Moreover, it is not always that easy to find asian food here, especially when I am hit with those midnight cravings. There aren’t those 24-hour hawker centres here that I am so fond of.

So, I started cooking. And baking. And cooking. Before Iong, I realized it isn’t that difficult after all! In fact, I am convinced that with the right tools, ingredients and with some patience, cooking and baking is within reach of everyone. In fact, pretty often, u can substitute one ingredient for another.

There are many reasons why I created this blog. Like keeping in touch with family and friends, and feeding the writer bug in me. Sure, I'd probably be posting up some food reviews along the way, but if I have to zero in on the one reason why I'm doing this, it is to let budding cooks and bakers know that it is not impossible to whip up delicious meals for your family, friends and yourself.

So come, join me on this journey and let’s start cooking. Best Blogger Tips

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